AI Camera control

Capture lectures and meetings more easily than ever.

Hassle-free lectures

Let teachers focus on teaching.

The CamDirector software runs automatically when a lecture starts. The ai-software recognizes what happening in the lecture hall and controls the cameras accordingly. The teacher does not need to be aware of the system at all, so they can focus on their lecture.

No wearables
No need to upload photos​
No scene configuration​
Smooth tracking

Smooth teacher tracking.

The CamDirector software makes sure the camera movements are smooth and pleasant to watch.

No zooming out to look for the teacher
No fast movements​
No unnecessary camera movements​

Privacy proof​

No personal data is processed outside the lecture hall. No personal data is stored.​

Easy to install​

The complete setup can be installed in 10 minutes per lecture hall.

Easy to maintain

Remote monitoring and updates make it easy to maintain. No PCs are needed.

Easy to scale

The CamDirector platform is built for large (100+ rooms) deployments.

A.I. driven

No scene configuration is needed. The A.I. software understands what is needed.

Use audio triggers

Use microphones to trigger camera presets.

Feels like being part of the audience

The most powerful AI camera control software on the market

Creating an automatic mix of overview shots and close-ups, the output of the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is for everyone pleasant to watch. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker follows the teacher’s movement in a calm and natural way and alternates these images with overview shots giving the viewer the experience of being part of the audience in the room.